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Laundry – Ideal Manufacturing- liquid laundry emulsifier ,Atlas Pro Eco Powder (Ate) General Wash Powders. Ultimate all round professional laundry powder. £ 42.00 – £ 66.25.Spot-Tech Enzyme Emulsifier – PDQ Manufacturing, Inc.Spot-Tech Enzyme Emulsifier Tech Sheet. Description. Description. Liquid Spotter for Laundry. This special blend of enzymes, surfactants and solvents allow for the quick removal of many types of stains caused by food, oils, grass, body soils and many other types …


Mar 10, 2020·Action Liquid Laundry Emulsifier. Softi Liquid Laundry Emulsifier with Fragrance. Powac Heavy Duty Powder Detergent. ANCILLARY CLEANERS. Touch Laundry Starch . Pass Organic Clhorine. Anticlhor Residual Chlorine Removal. Rust Away Iron content Neutarlizer . www.protekindo.

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Laundry. Action. Liquid detergent cum emulsifier for laundry wash load. Anti Klor. Acidic crystal for removing traces of chlorine in laundry wash load. Avenger. Powder detergent with builder to remove fats and oil found in aprons, industrial linens etc. Avenger L. Clear yellowish liquid alkaline detergent and builder to remove fats and soil.

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Jun 03, 2003·A chelating agent offers a short term alternative to a proper iron removal stage in treating laundry water. The emulsifier, normally added separately to the detergent, is designed to solubilise the oily, greasy constituents of soiling and staining including body fats and fatty proteins. ... Some liquid detergents are sensitive to frost and most ...

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Get complete and smarter solution here . Our product range includes a wide range of Detergent Powder, Concentrated Liquid Laundry Emulsifier, Laundry Cleaning Chemical, Fabric Wash Detergent and Wash Laundry Powder. Laundry detergent, or washing powder, is a type of detergent (cleaning agent) that is added for cleaning laundry.

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PRODUCT USES Versatile stain removal formula for institutional laundry OPERATOR BENEFITS • Removes stains caused by makeup, grease and oils. • Can be used as a prespotter, presoak, or as a detergent to remove cosmetic stains and makeup. ... LIQUID LAUNDRY PRESOAK EMULSIFIER.

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LAUNDRY EMULSION DETERGENT A concentrated, emulsion detergent whose combination of alkaline builders and surfactants releases and removes heavy soils from soiled laundry ... BIODEGRADABLE, ECONOMICAL LIQUID FABRIC SOFTENERA biodegradable, economical liquid fabric softener with a fresh, clean smell for all types of laundry. Get Quote > Opta-SS ...

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Crystalbrite Laundry Emulsifier offers best in line removal of fake tan, suntan/spa oils and makeup from towels and robes. Novas potta Oxy and Crystalbrite Liquid Destains are powerful stain removers that easily get rid of even ingrained dirt from textiles.

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RXSOL-26-2631-005 . Available Packing Sizes: RXSOL Laundry Emulsifier

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Liquid Laundry Alkali A booster to Liquid Laundry Detergent for maximum removal of stubborn grease, oil and stains on cottons and polyesters. ... This product is a highly concentrated degreaser-emulsifier designed for use in commercial and institutional laundry operations. It contains emulsifiers, synthetic surfactants and water soluble ...

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Emulsifiers are chemicals that are used in fabric softeners along with conditioning agents to make the solution stable. Without emulsifiers the softener liquid will separate into two parts / phases. Also known as a surfactant from a surface-active material, emulsifiers are used to prepare emulsions, such as creams or lotions.

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11G Laundry Emulsifier. Laundry Emulsifier is a liquid surfactant booster based on a blend of surfactants. 11G Laundry Emulsifier. Enquire. An effective laundry booster based on a blend of non-ionic surfactants. Excellent performance in the presence of fatty and oily soiling. Effectively disperses soiling preventing redeposition.

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Liquid Destainers. A unique colour-safe destainer (Ice) that works from only 20˚C; A full range of peroxide, peracetic and hypochlorite destainers; Liquid Alkali Boosts. Phosphate and phosphate-free; Caustic and non-caustic; Complex hard water versions; Laundry Emulsifiers. A range of specialised biodegradable emulsifiers; Starch


Nov 30, 2012·APE-FREE LAUNDRY EMULSIFIER. United States Patent Application 20140155312. Kind Code: A1. Abstract: A detergent emulsifier for laundry and other hard surface cleaning using an APE-free surfactant blend is disclosed. The emulsifier system is efficacious for removal of oily soils and greasy food removal.

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An emulsifier is a surfactant that stabilizes emulsions. Emulsifiers coat droplets within an emulsion and prevent them from coming together, or coalescing. A detergent is a surfactant that has cleaning properties in dilute solutions. Likewise, the terms emulsion, suspension, and …

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Emulsifier Boost (Eb) Emulsifiers. Effective economy liquid degreaser booster. £ 57.25.

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What is Liquid Shampoo Laundry Detergent Stainless Steel Emulsifying Machine Food Industry Intermittent High Shear Honey Storage Tank, mixing tank manufacturers & suppliers on Video Channel of Made-in-China.

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Pyxis™ PowerWash Laundry Emulsifier is State's most concentrated liquid laundry detergent containing alkaline builders and water conditioners. Effective even in cold water. Designed for heavy soil conditions. PowerWash Laundry Emulsifier contains anti-redeposition agents, alkaline builders to power out grease and oil stains, and sequestering ...

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Looking for Emulsifier and Spot Treater, 1 gal., PK4? Find it at Grainger®. With over 1.6M products and 24/7 customer service we have supplies and solutions for every industry.

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Apr 14, 2021·Dosage: 3-5%. Olivem 1000 is an olive based emulsifier that is used for oil-in-water mixtures. (The same company makes another emulsifier, Olivem 900, that is a water-in-oil emulsifier.) Olivem made a white lotion that was slightly thinner than some of the others, but was a nice consistency. (It wasn’t liquidy.)

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Laundry emulsifier liquid. home; Laundry Products; Laundry emulsifier liquid; Add To Cart. Pex active Laundry Emulsifier 25 ltr can. AED 105.00AED 95.00. Add To Cart. Subcategories. Fabric Softener (2) Laundry Detergent Liquid (4) Abaya Shampoo (4) Laundry emulsifier liquid (1) Laundry Bleach liquid (4)

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Apr 14, 2021·Dosage: 3-5%. Olivem 1000 is an olive based emulsifier that is used for oil-in-water mixtures. (The same company makes another emulsifier, Olivem 900, that is a water-in-oil emulsifier.) Olivem made a white lotion that was slightly thinner than some of the others, but was a nice consistency. (It wasn’t liquidy.)

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Product Code 884C. This ultra concentrated detergent is formulated specifically for institutional, multi-component laundry systems. Incorporating the latest developments in liquid surfactant systems, it produces exceptional results in hot, warm or cold water temperatures. Safe for all water washable items when used as directed.


Silicone oil Emulsion 20.0 C 13 alcohol + 5EO (2) 0.3 Acrylic Polymer Dsipersion 3.0 LAKEWAX 20 20.0 (1) Thickening agent, Kelco (2) eg Genapol X 050, ex Hoechst SELF SHINE POLISH FOR BOTTLE/SPONGE APPLICATION

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Liquid Laundry Emulsifier and Presoak is specially designed to break down heavy soils prior to washing in institutional laundry operations. It is fortified with special grease emulsifiers that tackle tough stains that are difficult to remove in a regular wash cycle. CRC Approved. Made in USA. 5 gallon pail. View All Close. Additional Information.

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Tri-star Flexylite 10356 Ecolab 2.5 Gallons 6110356 Low Alkaline Detergent. $105.82 New. Ecolab 6101849 Tristar Liquid Detergent Plus - 5 Gallon. $159.00 New. Deal Tri-star Aqua Soft Fabric Softener 5 Gallon Container -1 Count. $104.66 New.


Recommended automatic liquid laundry injection system or measuring cup or scoop. DIRECTIONS TO USE DO NOT MIX WITH ANYTHING BUT WATER. USE DILUTION: Pre-soaking: 1 ounce to 2 gallons of water. Emulsifying in flush cycle: 6 ounces per 50 lbs. of dry cloth. 1. Pre-sort laundry prior to wash. 2. When pre-soaking is necessary, use